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Talking to exes?
May 18, 2008
i've read similar posts about this but i just want to know if it's weird that my bf has been texting his ex girlfriend and that i dont like it. he is a typical jealous bf and doesnt want me texting one of my old guy friends. i mean, why does he need to talk to her of ALL people. and he made a big deal out of me getting upset over it...he barely even addressed the real issue at all.

i really dont like that he does and that he sees nothing wrong with it. i am SOOOO self concious and so all i think about it how i measure up to her...and he knows that. my friend was like "thats not right, an ex is an ex and its pretty rude to keep talkin to them if you're with someone." and i agree. but when i told him i didnt like it, he was like "well what if we break up one day...would you want to still be friends and keep in contact..." blah blah blah. i think i'd still want to be friends with him but i mean, what do i say to that?!?! i just cant seem to get it through his head that it just isnt respectful!

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