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Can you elaborate a little about the past "horrific" relationships? [/QUOTE]

Sure. My very first relationship went on for several years, lasting from high school into a few college years. The girl I was involved with lied to me constantly and saw other people behind my back. The next girl I went out with was for about 5 or 6 months, things were going great and then she stopped talking to me one day for no reason. No explanation, nothing.

I dated on and off for a little while, nothing serious. I started dating a girl who led me on and failed to tell me she was moving out of state shortly. Broke my heart. I dated a girl for several months who dumped me because her best "guy friend" lied and said I wanted him to spy on her for me. After that, I dated a girl I worked with who lied and said she was moving out of state to go to school and get a new job, when in reality she was going to live with her boyfriend she didn't tell me about.

Talk about luck, huh? :(

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