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If I'm understanding your post correctly, your friend and her sister, both married and regularly partake in extramarital affairs. You go out with the friend and her sister and they have men that they've already met meet them for a social gathering, to be their "dates" so to speak, but when they show up and see you, they give more attention to you. Is that right?

If so, I can understand both sides of this issue. On the one hand, These men are not committed or obligated to your friend or her sister so they are free to ditch them in favor of you if they so choose. On the other hand, they did not invite these guys to join them for dinner/cocktails to hook them up with YOU. I can sort of see why they feel you are stealing their 'dates.' That's why it's never a good idea to introduce a man you are dating to your single friends until you are pretty secure in the relationship. I know I never would, that's their mistake. If they want a man for themselves, they should just have one on ones with them and not even invite you along. You want a guy you're hot for focused on you, not other single wome who may be around, so the smart thing to do is keep other single women out of the mix as much as possible.

BUT...seeing as they are married, they shouldn't be having dates at all. I think there's a gray area here. But who's right and who's wrong isn't really the main issue. How much do you value their friendship, that's what's most important here. They feel wronged, for whatever reason. And if you say "hey, get over it, I didn't do anything wrong" chances are that won't change their minds. IF you want to keep them as friends, apologize and keep away from the men they bring around, because now you know they are inviting them to social functions to hook up with them, not to hook them up with YOU. It's just respectful and classy to not "steal" another woman's date, or the man who is coming to see her, even if she is married. If you don't really care that much about the friendships, then step back, stop seeing them so much, and continue your friendship with these men you've met through them. Of course when they have met men elsewhere and invite them to an evening out and they neglect them and shower you with attention, that is going to cause hard feelings, it would with anyone. Even if you don't actively do anything to encourage these men, you will still be seen as the "boyfriend stealer." If I were you, I think I would stop being the fifth wheel and stay away from events that aren't true "girls nights out" altogether, and just beg off if they have pre-arranged for men to meet them.

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