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Hi Krystal!! :D

Interesting story you mention here. This man's behavior is really confusing indeed. I agree with other posters, I thought that he was a shy awkward teen or guy in his early 20's or something! :shocked:

[B]With that said...[/B] I don't mean to rain on your parade or anything, but to me it seems like this guy is either:

-Not really single/available
-perhaps not straight
-just not that interested in you.

Sorry sweetie... :( :( Just by reading your posts it seems like YOU'RE the one bending over backwards and doing most of the pursuing of this man! Giving him your e-mail address...then your HOME address when he told you that he doesn't use computers much. Not only that, but [U]you're [/U]the one initiating the e-mails, and at one point I think you mentioned that he didn't even respond, so you e-mailed him yet AGAIN! Do you see a pattern here? Please have some dignity and don't initiate any further contact with this man. Let's see what steps he takes (if any) to come to you.

Also, no offense, but I don't really get the impression that this guy is that into you. :( Even most typical "shy guys" would have by now picked up the bait or would have at least asked for your phone number so that he can call you sometime IF he were interested. I've known even the shyest guys to at least let their interest be known in SOME way towards a woman, especially if she is friendly, open, approachable, and is showing interest of her own. You've done [B][U]MORE [/U][/B]than enough (IMO) to show your interest in him if you ask me. He would have taken a bite at your bait within a year if he was [I]really [/I]interested.

I know most people on this thread are telling you to "ask him out!" and pushing you to do "more" to show your interest, but I personally don't think you should do anything further with him. If he's interested, he has your e-mail just like you have his. If his e-mails are short and brief and he's not asking YOU any questions, then it seems like he's just e-mailing you back to be nice, and not because he's really interested.

His apparent "shy" behavior may actually be a sign that he knows that you're interested, but doesnt' quite feel the same way...OR is in a relationship with someone else right now and can't do anything about his attraction to you (if he has any attraction to begin with). This guy was not "too shy" to help you (a stranger) with your bike's flat tire. So....why would he be "too shy" to send even a small e-mail?? ESPECIALLY if you've been e-mailing him?

Personally Krystal....don't ask him if you can e-mail him and if it's "okay". No way. That shows a lack of confidence number one. [B]However,[/B]if you are going to continue e-mailing him, just keep doing what you've been doing by keeping your e-mails short, brief, and light hearted. Except, in the future I would ask him more questions about himself to draw him out. You know, perhaps ask him how he's been doing, how he likes where he is living now, what he's been doing for fun/in his spare time, how's work coming along, etc. I know for me personally, if someone doesn't ask me a question or anything in their e-mail, at times I won't be sure if the person wanted me to respond or not.

But trust 50 years old...I really don't think this man is "shy". Reserved or perhaps even hurt at a past romantic failure, but shy?? I don't think so. :(

Sorry if I sounded blunt, but I have been in this situation (sort of) before, and from my own past experiences I've learned:

-Most men are usually not THAT shy (even if they're interested you will somehow get a feeling or a word from someone that he's interested in you)
-Most men will make some kind of move (even if he's stumbling over his words/is calling you and hanging up after he hears your voice) if he is truly interested in you.

Krystal...don't settle for less! You deserve a man to pursue you! Plus, do you really want a [U]grown [/U]man who is too shy to even show a woman that he's interested in her? :confused:
[QUOTE=lemondrop;3601176][I]I just find it strange he would give me his address and zip code(after saying he is not fond of computers) and when I do send a letter to his home address he doesn't reply.[/I]

Oh please...I've had guys give me their phone number (which I never asked for), tell me to call them, and never return my call. [B] It's like, if you weren't into me enough to call me back, why did you even give me your number in the first place?[/QUOTE][/B]

Exactly!! past experience has taught me that when a guy is REALLY interested, more than likely he will ask for YOUR number instead of just giving you his. He'll be more interested in calling YOU instead of leaving things up to chance with you calling him.

If a guy gives you his number and tells you to call him, either he's REALLY afraid of rejection, OR (more plausible) he is not adverse to you calling him, but he's not gung-ho or totally smitten by you. Just my two cents.... :o can correct me if I'm wrong! lol :D
sweet chic and lemondrop I understand what you are saying in regards to giving phone numbers, guy not calling etc.

In my original post I wrote this..

I asked if sometime we could chat and he said its okay. I gave him my email address. He said he doesn't like computers that much.. so I also gave him my home address. At the time he gave me his email addy.

I emailed him once about a week later because I was busy with work etc. He didn't respond. I waited awhile, maybe three to four weeks later, emailed again. About a month and half later he responded. He had broken his arm and visiting relatives. His email was quite short said he glad I was fine and enjoying my summer.

I replied back maybe a few weeks later, no response again. Finally few months later I decided to try once more. At the end of my email I asked him if its okay with you I will eventually send you another email.

More time passed, no response for at least a month and half, then finally he wrote me. He gave me his home address and zip code. Once again his email was very brief. Nothing in the letter about himself. Responded to whatever I wrote which was short.

I assumed since he is not fond of computers he gave me his home addy to write to him which I did. And once again no response for a long time now.

I realize with the lack of responses or long time in responding could be a sign he is not interested, reserved, or pursuit is turning him off.

I would rather him be upfront with me and say no contact. I mean why give me your address if your not going to correspond. I know some guys can and will do that but I guess it ticks me off.

With his past responses they have been slow. I am going to slowly move on and if I don't hear from him I will cease contact.

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