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She wanted the divorce. She had moved on to several boyfriends while they were seperated. I met him at my job and we were friends for months. I had no intention to ever go beyond friendship with him and he felt the same way. During the time I was friends with him he was still suffering from the aftermath of the divorce and I know first hand how much he loved her and was saddened that his marriage failed. At some point we fell in love with one another; but because of knowing how he felt about her I have a hard time accepting that he cares for her since shes the mother of his children and thats it. I have my own insecurities. She has made comments, when we were together previously she would leave nasty messages on our voicemail one including that if he didn't call her immediately she will tell me everything I don't want to know. I know several people that say even when people get divorced they often still sleep together especially when kids are involved due to that bond. I am jealous shes the mother of his kids and I'm not. When we broke up rumors went around that he got back with her and had been sleeping with her towards the end of our relationship. He denies it to this day and there are several crediable people that back him up as well on that so honestly I don't know. The only people that know are him and her so yeah, that didn't help the trust issues. I have a hard time getting close, dealing with the pain of loosing someone so I have trust issues anyways...cause I'm terrified to give someone my all only for them to break my heart. It scares me. So there you guys have it...what do you think?

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