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Am I expecting too much?

Yes! You might as well lock her in the basement. She has a past! We all do! I believe she made poor choices when she lied to you and for that you do have a right to be upset but I also get the impression from your post that she has attempted to change her ways and out of respect for you has chosen to cut off relationships with those people. That alone tells me that she cares a great deal for you and that she is trying to right a wrong.

If my boyfriend or I got upset every time we came across someone from each others past wed never get to leave the house. For that reason alone I am a firm believer that past sexual relationships need not be brought up in current relationships. My boyfriend and I both made the decision to not know who, what, when, where, why or how many. What we did know is that both of us came into the relationship with a clean bill of health. Do I ever put him in a position of awkwardness by hanging out with ex's? No I dont but it has happened and we just smile and move on.

You say that you love her and have never felt this way about anyone before but what is love without trust? You either need to get over your trust issues or find a new relationship.

Good Lucky

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