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I have a guy friend like this, dodedoo. We have been friends for a while, we tried the fwb thing and I broke the rules cause I started hinting at perhaps a relationship. He got all skittish about it and said he didn't want a relationship right now. Then I found out that I wasn't the only fwb that he had, and I got mad so I cut that off. But when I started talking about all of these other guys, he got very jealous. In fact I asked him to set me up with a friend of his, and he agreed at first but then all the sudden changed his mind less than a day later! I was like, what's the deal? And he told me flat out that he was jealous and didn't want to think about that other guy being with me because he feels like he's the only one allowed to be with me. Ok, so I said Hello Mr. Major Hypocrite because he's with all of these other women but I'm not allowed to be with anyone else? Umm... hello?

Anyway, long story short, he told me that it's not unusual for guys to feel like they want to be the only "dog in the yard". Meaning that he doesn't want there to be any competition, because although he doesn't want to be your bf, he still wants you to be his exclusively. He said something about it being a territorial thing. And guys are just weird anyway, they have this weird notion that we're more like their property and that they own us or whatever. It's a stupid thing but it's just something that guys do sometimes. I can't explain it very well, but my whole point to you is that I can see that your situation is so much like mine, and I gave up trying to have a relationship with him. If you want to know how I handled it, I backed way, way off and stopped calling, stopped emailing and everything else. And guess what? After about 2 weeks, he all the sudden started calling me and emailing me like every day wondering what was going on and saying, "I haven't heard from you in a little while?" We're still just friends he and I, but I have truly backed off as much as possible cause I don't want to put myself on the line again and get hurt.

That's the key, here, dodedoo. Make yourself as unavailable as possible to this guy because in my experience, that's when they always come crawling back and telling you they miss you and blah blah blah. But then if they don't contact you, then you know that they don't really care as much about you as you thought they did and maybe it's time to write them off. Cause it's not worth it being the only person doing the effort in the relationship.

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