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[QUOTE=dodedoo;3599019]Alright well I am definitely going to bring it up to him the next time we are alone. I am going to let him know how I feel about him not wanting me to see other guys while he won't even commit to me. A few weeks ago I told him that I wanted to stop hanging out as much because I know that I am liking him more and I didn't want to get hurt. And he totally thought that I was trying to trick him into a committment. And it was cleared up that that was not my intention. But I feel like he is just going to think I am trying to "force" him into a relationship again. Ugggh.[/QUOTE]

Well, hear me out, but I can kind of understand why men think that women try to manipulate them into relationships when women just want to "talk." But if you really look at it from his perspective, what really is there to bring up or talk about? He's made his position clear. He doesn't want to call you his girlfriend, he says he's not seeing other women, but we sort of have evidence to the contrary, and he doesn't want you to see other men, but still doesn't want you as a girlfriend. That's his position. Nothing really to talk about. He's made it clear. You either take it or leave it. Personally, I think I'd leave it. Like I said, three months isn't soon enough for "I love you's" and all that stuff, but it certainly is soon enough to know if you want someone to be your girlfriend or not. Sheesh. I don't think there's anything to talk about. You just have a decision to make.

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