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This man does sound very controlling. Didn't he get very upset with you, and almost break up with you because you found text or phone messages from another woman that sounded like he was dating someone else? I guess I'm confused, wasn't he kind of seeing other women, and got mad at you for making a big deal out of it, now he's saying he isn't into seeing anyone else, but still won't say you're officially "seeing each other?" No wonder you're confused.

BUT...I'd say, to answer your question what do you do? Well, what do you WANT to do? Do you feel two months is enough time to see if a relationship is good enough to focus on and pursue? If you do, and he doesn't, then I would be hesitant to let this man waste your time. The bottom line here is, do you WANT to be exclusive with someone who still won't promise even to make a good faith effort to pursue the relationship with you exclusively to see where it goes, or is this guy so great that you feel it's worth investing a few more months in to see if he will "come around?" Personally, I'd be really put off by this guy. Sounds like he wants to have his cake and eat it too. Lawyer or not, great guy in every other respect or not, if he's not more into you than that after almsot 3 months, he's no great catch. I'm not saying marriage, I'm not even sayin "I love you" kind of thing, but at least, "yeah, you're my girlfriend and I'm your boyfriend and we'll make a go of this and see what happens." I dont' think that's too much to ask after three months.

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