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Believe it or not, there are guys out there who prefer larger women over the skinny type. There are actually guys who prefer women that have some meat on their bones because they find the skinny beanpole type to be totally unattractive. And in some cultures, a larger woman is way more desired by majority of men because they are regarded as being healthier, stronger, and better able to bear children than a woman with no waistline and skinny little hips that couldn't possibly support a child.

Unfortunately, the media does a great job making anyone over a size 4 feel like they're totally fat. Which is completely not true, but they always imply that it is. And there's not much we can do about that. Remember all of the hype over Marilyn Monroe, but she was a plus size!! And for a while there, that was the body type considered most beautiful until that idiot Twiggy came along and spoiled it for everyone because she was like a size 0 and all the sudden that was all the rage. But do you honestly think people like Kate Moss are pretty? Come on, sunken cheeks, gaunt, no curves at all, that's just gross. And most men agree that women look better when they have some curves.

Anyway... The bottom line is that there's a problem with your self esteem which you need to work out on your own before you can ever love someone else. Because if you don't love yourself first, then all of the love in the world by another person isn't going to make any difference. I really think you need to seek some counseling to learn why it is that you hate yourself so much and why you think you don't deserve happiness just because of your body type. That's actually a pretty ridiculous notion. People of all shapes and sizes are getting together, dating, marrying and having kids every single day. And I'm sure there are women way bigger than you who are married with a guy who is probably thinner than them, and everyone in the relationship is fine with that because that's what they wanted.

Is it really so hard for you to believe that there are guys attracted to bigger women? It's a fact, and all you need to do is just look around at what's going on around you. If you spend any time reading personals ads, some guys actually say outright they want a bbw. So, I think you're just too caught up in what you see on tv and not enough on what's reality. Reality is that people are different and they like different things, and your bf happens to like something different than some other guys. So what? That's what makes everyone great, that no one likes exactly the same thing all the time!

You should consider yourself lucky that you have a guy who loves you. Most people would be grateful to have a significant other in their life at all, and you're talking about throwing it all away for no good reason. I suggest you work on this self esteem issue before you push him away for real and he breaks it off, not because he thinks you're unattractive but rather because he gets tired of your attitude and having to always reassure you all the time. Guys get tired of that, they prefer women who are confident.

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