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Maybe your boyfriend doesn't want a skinny beautiful model.Maybe he wants an unattractive fat girl(just going by what you said,but I'm sure your not).Maybe he doesn't want to have to worry about every guy looking at and chasing his girlfriend because she is so hot and it ruins any feelings he could have for a pretty girl.Maybe you are just so incredibly sweet that all hes sees is the beauty in you.Some people just don't care about looks when it comes to choosing a lifetime partner.If he is happy with you and it sounds like he is you should be thrilled with that.Does he always treat you nice?
I would say to lose weight to be more healthy but don't lose weight because you think your too ugly for him.He most likely likes you the way you are unless hes ever brought up the "fat" issue with you.
But to answer your first question have I ever wanted to leave for their benefit? Yes, and I have but that was because I really felt that they really did not want to be with me but they didn't want to tell me.And it isn't easy leaving someone you love.So if you love him ,and he loves you ,you got it made! Enjoy the happiness! You deserve to be happy !:)

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