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Jun 6, 2008
My situation. . . .

I had been dating a guy for almost 3 years we recently broke up, his decision. "i love you, i just can't take us to the next level"
I am by no means ready to get married (i'm just 22 years old), but I would have liked to continue my relationship to see where it goes.

We both recently graduated from college and his job will require alot of traveling, someone told him not even to get an apartment because he would be living on the road soo much. I am still looking for a job and we had discussed moving in together. He said "i'm not ready to support you" which i couldn't really understand b/c I would pay 1/2 the rent ect. I feel like he is freaking out about everything and pushing things out of his life unnecessarily.

All of my friends are also getting married and I really haven't put pressure on him, but there is sort of an unspoken pressure. I mean as more and more of my friends get engaged it makes you think about your situation just a little bit more.

A week after we broke up I went to see his brother and sister in-law and their two children. I had dinner with them and stayed one night and then went to the pool and doctor's appointments with them. One of the children has been diagnosed with autism and they asked me to be a live in aid while i was visiting (b/c of my degree I would be a great candidate). I told them I couldn't b/c it would be stepping on my ex's territory. Their children love me and I thought child therapy would be a great option.

I have a friend that is getting married in July, and she basically yelled at my via text messaging b/c i should 'try to get my boyfriend back through his family''. ..That honestly hadn't crossed my mind, I was going to say goodbye and to be around kids who typically bring a smile to my face. Not saying we didn't talk about everything that happened.

I am an extremely level headed person and I try not to be overly dramatic, but this is killing me. I don't know how to act, if i should correspond with my ex b/c we really did have a great friendship or if i should just give him space. We have a mutual friends birthday next week (more his friend than mine, but i had planned on going)....

If anyone has advice on what I should do that would be great!

Also do i have a right to be mad at the friend that yelled at me for visiting his family?

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