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[QUOTE=rosequartz;3613975]Hi! would you believe I did hear from Tony last Friday......he called around 5 pm and left a message that he would be in my neighborhood around 8-830 pm to drop his friend off down the block from me and wondered if I wanted him to stop by. I was home when he called, but wanted to see what he said, so I let it go on the machine. I kinda chuckled. I called him back around 8:15 and whaddaya know......voice mail.....I just said Hi I'm returning your call, talk to you later. Haven't heard from him since.......what a waste of time!

Saw Louie on Saturday and he called me on Sunday but that was the last time I talked to him. He mentioned something about seeing me this weekend, didn't mention anything about this week, when he's on vacation, and I told him I would take some time off if he wanted to. I know he's very busy with these kids, the head lice, his car acting up, etc. I hope all these circumstances don't prove to be too much......
I guess I'll have to wait and see.
I took his 6 vhs tapes to get converted on dvd, I ordered 2 copies, one for him and one for me. I hope that makes him happy!
That will be a surprise for him this weekend.
(hopefully I'll see him) I have to be patient....[/QUOTE]

Yeah, tell Tony tuff tonsils!! He had his chance!

Anyway, hope all goes well this weekend, and don't forget to breathe and relax! Beware of making yourself too available. It was very nice of you to get him copies of his VHS tapes to dvd, but now the next kind, romantic gesture is in his court. Not that you should be keeping score, but remember, love isn't ALL about how much you give to or are willing to give up for the other person. Not to throw cold water on your enthusiasm, being giving and thoughtful is a good thing, but now that you've done that, it might be a good idea to spend a bit more time just concentrating on being funny, warm, charming, and just fun, good company for a while. Being someone who's just fun to be around, THAT'S what will keep him coming back, not how much time off from work you're willing to take for him or how many surprise gifts you get for him.

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