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If a guy is interested in me and I'm not, I usually won't go to his house except in a group. There's one guy who is a great friend of mine, but I had to stop going to his house alone because he kept suggesting that we start dating each other and I didn't want to. So if she already knows you are interested in being more than friends and she keeps coming around, you may have a shot. But I do NOT suggest trying to "make out" or anything more than that until you are very sure she wants more than friends, or you may end up in a very awkward situation.
I would still be careful with this girl. If you two were to start dating don’t you think that some problems may arise because of her being so close to all these men? Do you know the history as to why she has very little female friends? You said yourself that you two have not known each other that long and [B]I really think that you need to push the brakes for a little while and get to know this girl better. [/B] From the get go [B]it sounded to me like she’s was trying to see your reaction to her having all these male friends. (Possibly trying to make you a little jealous and playing games). [/B]

I honestly think, and I’m sure some may not agree but, [B]since you are inexperienced with girls this would not be a healthy relationship for you.[/B] You sound very mature, calm and looking for a ‘good girl’ or something real. [B]This girl sound wild and pretty lonely (as she needs constant attention from men) and just doesn’t sound like a good match if you ask me[/B].[/QUOTE]

Sorry Dang, but I agree with everything that Juljul said in bold above. I get a wierd vibe about this girl. :(

Girls like this tend to be (notice I said TEND to be....not always!) attention-hogs/attention-seekers. Especially MALE-attention-seekers. It has been my observation that these types of girls don't exactly make the best girl friends, and the guy ends up usually feeling pretty insecure all the time since the girl has soooo many guy friends that she likes to play and flirt with.

To ME at first glance, it looked like she is feeling a bit lonely, misses the type of guy attention she would get from her [B]SINGLE[/B] guy friends, but now that they are dating other people, she just wants some guy to fill that "void".

Personally, like others have mentioned, I would just slow it down a bit, REALLY get to know this girl, and observe her behavior. The fact that she likes to go hang out in bars all the time and crash at your place doesn't sit well with me either. If I were really interested in a guy, I wouldn't want him to see me drunk...and I certainly wouldn't go crash at his place with a hang-over. :confused:

I dont' know.....something just smells kind of fishy to me....

But know her better than any of us on this board OP. So, perhaps you know more about her actions, and what kind of person she is in general. All we can do is speculate based on the information you have given us, and past experiences of our own. :D

Hope everything works out okay for you! :)

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