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[QUOTE=Lazer 77;3602818]Its just hard living the "ugly" life, and then seeing someone close to you live the "attractive" life. She gets everything so much better than i do just because of looks. She walks into a store to shop, and gets hired immediately because of her looks; in order for me to get a job, i have to put in an application and nag the hell out of the manager for a few weeks.

My manager (young guy, like 25 years old) said to someone else about my girlfriend "Oh shes really sexy, shes a bit young though im gonna wait until shes 20 until i tap that". We work at the same place now, she gets the good midshifts by asking once that i have been asking to get for a few months now. She basically makes her schedule, whatever days she says she cant work, she never works; i told my manager i never work Sundays and i will do one or two Saturdays out of the month, i have been doing every single Saturday and Sunday for a month and a half now. She does he job just fine and never gets any problems; i do my job just about the same level, and i get horrible reviews from my manager on the monthly log thing.

She always gets attention from guys. Guys flirting with her, guys turning around just to look at her, etc. Whenever we're out, most of the time i see someone turning around to look at her. People go through crazy ends just to check her out, we were driving the other day and the car next to us drove past, and the driver turned around in his seat completely with the passenger just to look at her.

Id kill to have any kind of attention like that. Im sure it either means nothing to you guys, but i never had that. Living the "ugly" life is difficult.[/QUOTE]

Well, I can see why she likes you now.Its obvious that shes being bombarded with sexual attention and that can make one nervous after awhile.She most likely likes you because you don't do that to her.Shes probably more comfortable with you because your not acting like you want to jump her bones every minute llke those other guys do.

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