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Hi everyone! Some of you may be familiar with my family drama. A quick recap for you: I have my mother (diabetic that doesn't always take care of herself), father (in remission for his cancer), older brother (bipolar and now has a new girl friend), younger brother (doesn't call unless he needs something), SIL (dying of cystic fibrosis), sister (major insecurities and can't handle her liquor well), and my BIL (who can't stand the family drama any more than my husband can). If you want any past stories feel free to look through past threads because I'm sure this will be long enough without me going into every last detail.

Since we (husband and kids) moved a few months ago my sister and I have been on great terms. We have worked out a lot of issues between us. Well, this past week my SIL received shocking news that despite how great she looks and has been feeling her numbers are going down. Basically, she isn't doing good and once her son is out of school for the summer she is going back into the hospital. My sister does not take news of her health well because she has a lot of issues with death.

Anyway, long story short (too late again Happymom :D), my brother and SIL had my other brother, his girlfriend, and a couple of her friends over their house over the weekend. My sister joined them well into their intoxication. A huge blowup occurs between my sister and the rest of them. I refuse to get involved and pick sides, although I do have to say given all I've heard (and I've heard a lot) the only story that seems to add up is my sister's. So none of them are really on speaking terms with her.

Now, to add to the plot, I am having my daughter's second birthday party on Sunday, Father's Day. It is also a cookout for the "Dads" rolled into one. Now, my younger brother decided he's not coming because it's Father's Day and he's going golfing (as you can see he doesn't "need" anything so why go :rolleyes:), my SIL isn't going because of the humidity (that was a given and I'm not upest in the least), my older brother is thinking about not going because he doesn't want my sister to say anything to his girlfriend (not my daughter's problem, don't bring your girlfriend if you think there will be an issue :mad:), and my sister already said she is coming and will not say a word to any of them because she's totally disgusted by them.

So I was talking to my mother, who is also not taking sides (a first for her BTW) and she was the one who brought up my older brother. I told her in no uncertain terms that if ANYONE decides not come or does come and starts problems that I am done with them . I am so tired of the drama. This is why we moved. It's mentally exhausting to deal with these people sometimes!!! I have traveled almost once a week since we moved to visit or go to their things for their families and if this causes them not to come I feel I have EVERY RIGHT to be mad. I mean, how dare it be taken out on my daughter?

So, after all this rambling, am I being irrational here? None of this had to do with me and especially had nothing to do with my daughter. Please tell me that at least one of you would feel this way and just not want to deal with any of them anymore.

(If you do need/want more info you can let me know, but I didn't want to make this more of a novel than it already is). Thanks for letting me vent! :D

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