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[QUOTE=Klakkie;3602567]well guys for the first time in my life I dont know what to say and that is weird, but in a good way, your insites has realy opened a real perspective for me.

now the answer to that question, my boyfriend and I go out alot to the movies or something just to relax us, but as all men know girls *love* shopping so we regurarly go into clothing stores when I like something I search for my number which is a medium and then he asks me are you going to fit into a small, my answer no and then you should see his face. so that is where I got the idea that he wants me to lose weight.

Pendulum you are right he is quite slim but does a man realy want his girl to be as slim or even more slim than he is?and yes I could do with losing some weight but as I said I just have a few curves.[/QUOTE]

Well first about the man being slimmer than the woman. My husband is very tall and very thin. I am tall for a woman and I have put on weight since we've met. I am nowhere near him in body type and he has told me more than once he loves how I am. Now, when I was complaining about my weight gain he did try to encourage me to do something about it. He, like most men, is a "fixer" and he thought he was helping and supporting me. I've finally accepted myself as I am, I am confident with my extra weight (and I'm not fat, I just have more curves and BTW also wear a medium). As a result my husband is more attracted to my confidence. I bought new clothes that I am comfortable in and I like the way I look in. He loves it. I'm not hiding in baggy clothes and feeling bad about myself.

So if you make a comment about your body (and I'm not saying you do, I'm just saying if) he may be doing the same thing in helping to encourage you to be where you want to be. If you are happy and comfortable with how you are then show it. If he still makes those faces or comments then you will have to see him for a jerk and not be with him. Don't tollerate that. But if you are in fact bringing up and bashing your body openly then he most likely doesn't see it as being negative and really only as trying to help.

I'm working off of a lack of sleep so I hope that makes sense. :D

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