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[QUOTE=xxfirstonexx;3604199]Hi, me and my ex girlfriend broke up mutually after a 1.5 year relationship, this happened about 2 months ago. Up untill recently I have been having trouble moving on from her, I spoke to her on the phone today and I'm at a point where i don't want to be her at all, the person she is annoys me. I'm glad that i got to this point, but i still feel lonely. I don't feel like i'll ever find somebody that will ever love me like she did and vica versa, is that irrational?

I'm only 20 and I don't have many friends at the moment, i've been trying to make it a point to meet people, and its been pretty good i guess. But i want a girl, and for some reason i'm convinced that nobody can really want me. I like myself and all that, and i think i'm an attractive person. I'm just scared that i wont find someone... i'm way too young to be thinking this right?[/QUOTE]

Yes way too young to think that you will never find someone else. You need to just get out and do stuff. Keep yourself occupied. I think your on the right track with meeting new people. Just keep busy and stay positive. Dont think about being in a relationship right now. Its only been two months and its not good to jump from one to another. Give yourself time. I've always found that just when you are not thinking about it or trying for a relationship someone usually comes along. Just relax have fun and keep busy. I'm positive someone will come your way. :D

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