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Wow, thanks everybody for the advice. It made me realize a lot. I am going to talk to him about me meeting her. There's also an event that one weekend and HE WAS SUPPOSED to take me, but he's takin her instead. All he said was "sorry" and he said that i act like i didn't really want to go. I was like okay, I had it in my calendar, I bought my outfit for it already. Okay yeah... but I seriously don't know what I should do. He did tell me he still has feelings for her and that he's trying his hardest to let go of his past. That's why he's going to stop talking to her and not see her if he wants to make the relationship work between me and him. He says for sure he will never do anything like this again because he saw how hurt I was and assumed that I would be okay about it. I mean words are great to hear but what is he going to do about it. I was wondering why he didn't like fix the situation the minute he knew it hurts me. I think he really want to see her to say goodbye or to see if I'm the one or whatever. He told me he's really confused and he doesn't know what to do but he wants to do this alone and figure things out on his own. Something told me to go look at his phone and I found txt msges that says like I rather be alone and not have u in my life, I'm gonna fight for you, I wish I can see you..... and he said all that because his best friend was gonna cut him out of his life but this was like awhile ago before he realizes that he needs to stop talking to her and seeing her if he wants this relationship to work. He told me that if he still talks to her, than he's gonna wanna see her.

So I don't know. Some advice was told me to wait for that weekend to come and that I decide if I should be with him or not. I feel like I'm so blind cuz I'm in love with this guy and I hate that about myself. I don't see things. But he doesn't see things. He told me that he's never gonna make this mistake again and that he learned from it since I told him I understand everybody makes a mistake.... but then again... he didn't do anything to fix the situation now. I don't if it's because she already bought her ticket and it's not refundable? I'm not sure. Or if she doesn't have any money to get a hotel?? I don't know... there's so many possibilities.

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