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When a boyfriend of mine cheated on me after 4 years--I had to let go of his entire family; his sister; his neice (who I saw born) ; his brother and most of all his mom. These people were more of a family to me than my own family. It was very hard but also very well needed for me to move on. Not until I completely detached myself from him and his family was I able to heal and start over. I recently got back in touch with them (6 years later) and they all understood as to why I had to cut them off for awhile. Its uncomfortable for them too, ya know? Like his neice, this guy will always be her uncle--you are simply the uncle's ex girlfriend; unfortantely that usually does not last long. Family lasts forever. I suggest you cut off all contact with his family. Letting his neice know why is a nice gesture. Also my recent ex had 3 children I grew very close to. Again, I did not keep in contact after the break up...I did however send an email to the oldest explaining some things. It was heart breaking but it is impossible to move forward being attached to members of the family. Make a clean break. Involve yourself in your friends and people that are NOT associated with him. It will be much easier and healthier in the end.

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