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My boyfriend of 3 months is a great guy. He's sweet, generous, considerate, respectful, etc. We spend alot of time together and I actually met his parents last weekend which went really well too. Seems like everything's perfect right? Well, he always, always leaves his phone around...I was just looking at his phone when a text from his ex girlfriend popped up...I didn't read the one she sent then and there, but I could see the beginning of it and it seemed friendly and innocent...Well this led me to look through it more (please spare me the invasion of privacy thing, this happend to me before and I do not want to get hurt again). I know it wasn't right to do this, but I looked through his missed/recieved/dialed calls. Well when we were on our way home one night last weekend, he got a phone call from her around 8pm, and he didn't pick up, and when I asked who was calling, he said "no one I want to talk to right now". but then I found out later that he called her later that night and talked to her for like 5 minutes. Not to mention they text EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE, not constantly....but what REALLY got me upset is that just recently last week, he sent her a text saying "miss talkin to ya babe". I mean come on, what the hell does that mean?! is he still attached? It just REALLY scares me because my first love dumped me for his ex, and this is how it started --texting and calling her while WE were together. Like I said, he does leave his phone around all of the time which is least he doesn't take it with him to the shower or anywhere else he goes in the house like my ex did. I would love to confront him about his ex, but he will know that I probably went through his phone by bringing it up...I don't know what to think about this situation:confused:...PLEASE any help and advice would be appreciated...thank you.

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