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My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 1/2 years. Couple months back we purchase a truck and he started goin on a forum to discuss this new vehicle. I dont mind him talkin on this site it seemed pretty harmless. Then a couple of weeks ago I found that they have a "naughty" part on this site. This didnt really make me happy but I didnt say anything cuz we have been having some problems latety and he would just think I was checking up on him. In a way I guess you could say I was but not really. Just kinda wanted to see what was occupying so much of his time. Then today he left his phone at home and I will admit I was spying. I found some messages to a guy that he actually met and became friends with from the boards about another member on his forum. Some of the things that were said were "theres just something about that girl that makes me want to touch myself" and something about he's her new internet stalker. There was some mention of her having tats and piercings but that was just an observation. So lucky for me he mentioned what thread it was and I got to see what all naughty talk was about. I think its one of the only girls on the sit and she her b/f is a member also. She posted up 3 pics of herself. I was just her face and sternum showing the one on her chest, another was the two she has on her lower lower stomach and the other was her back. She really showed nothing bad. No boobs nothin. So I'm wondering does he flirt with her ( I didnt see anything) or whats the deal. See lives like states away so thats not a problem. I just think its messed up. Especially that he has to be looking at this stuff and making comments like that right before I get home form work. Whats the big secret. I know he looks at pron sometimes. Geez I have tats too and in my opinion (and not to get catty) but I think I look better than her. Thoughts?

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