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[QUOTE=Unshifted;3620830]I have to disagree with the person who said it's "just guy talk." My boyfriend doesn't talk this way to anyone. If he did, I would have to reconsider him being my boyfriend. I think that's a cop out to imply that guys can't help themselves and it's ok that they are talking about other women.

I would have a real problem with my boyfriend talking about another girl to his friend. And I think it's a red flag. You shouldn't have to go onto the board and 'claim your man.' He should act like he is taken all of the time, without you having to show up and flirt with him so people know he's taken.

And, no disrespect, but how can you be [I]sure[/I] that there is no texting or chatting going on between them? If he wants to hide something, he can hide it. I'm not trying to cause a bigger problem, I just think it's not a good sign that your boyfriend is talking about another girl that way.

I think you should bring it up to him and see what he has to say about it. And if you're worried about him accusing you of 'snooping'...well, I think that when you're dating someone, BOTH of you should be able to go through each others stuff at any time. It shouldn't be this big, hidden deal. I feel like the only time people are worried and upset about that is when they're doing something wrong.

Good luck. :)[/QUOTE]
I agree that it isnt right to talk about this other girl that way. It hurt me when I found the text on his phone. And the reason I think it may just be guy talk is my boyfriend is the type that needs to have all the attention and look cool. Hes always been this way. Sometimes its cute and other times it hurts people (not just me). I've read posts on the forum and he sometimes exaggerates on there and its never much but always something stupid. I think its funny cuz if he would have just stated the facts I'm sure no one would care. Its his way of trying to look cool to people who cant see him. Thats why I think the texts to the one guy from the forum is just his way of lookin cool. I agree that if he wanted to hide something he could. But from what I know and have experienced with him there is nothing to hide. We can look at each others phones, IM's, email, websites etc. He left his phone at home that day and called me from work to drop it off to him on my way to work. It was still on the phone and I figure if it was that much of a secret he would have deleted the texts when he was done talking to him. And the whole thing with me checkin up on him started mostly when I would see that one of his friends sent him porn or he was lookin at porn. It pissed me off and I started asking him about everything I found. It got to the point that I was paranoid and would interrogate him about any little thing I found. He did this to me when we first got together and I hated it cuz I wasnt doin anything so thats why I stopped. I know hes not cheating on me cuz he always with me and tells me where he is and this girl that he was talking about lives states away so I know theres nothing goin on there. Now after I've said all this does any one think I'm being stupid or naive?:confused:

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