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I want to say I'm sorry for your loss. My best friend went through the exact situation a couple years back and I can only imagine how you are feeling. She was with her ex for 4 years off and on. He died in a car accident at the age of 24 and although they were broke up at the time she too felt that oneday they would get back together; he was her first love. She actually took a couple years off from dating. I can say that her range of emotions were all over the place..from anger to sadness to rage to calm. I bet you can relate? Its one thing having an elderly person in our family pass away, but when in our 20's..we think we are invinsible and in noway did you ever think this man would leave this earth so early at the age of 24. He had his whole life ahead of him and even though you are in a 2 year relationship; theres always possibility when 2 people are still alive and breathing....with all that said. I think 2 things are either going on with you. One, you are angry and have all kinds of emotions going on right now and are acting out irrationally with you boyfriend. Two, maybe the death of your ex made almost made you have a re-birth in which you don't feel like your boyfriend is the one for you anymore. Death changes us and I can say I have never been the same after my best friend went through this as I was close to her ex-boyfriend as well. Its something that changes us for life. Don't be hard on yourself right now. I suggest some counseling to help sort out all these feelings. You may need a break from the boyfriend right now to take care of you and sort yourself out. If hes the one for you, he'll be there still when and if you are ready you know? Everything you are going through right now is so normal..and as for my friend; she started dated and is engaged to a great guy and has put her ex-boyfriend to rest, literally. She will always love him but she has learned to live here without him around....I can tell you it was not easy and it took a good year for her emotions to become grounded again; but she is a more loving, stronger and beautiful woman than before. So, do for you right now. Take care of you. Do whats best for are going through a tough time.
Hi. Sounds like you have some underlying issues that you need to deal with and at the least, talk to someone about it. Perhaps you are transferring your anger to your boyfriend or maybe you are angry at losing your ex and you resent your current boyfriend for not being your ex. Maybe you need time to mourn and you feel you can't around your boyfriend and you feel guilty. I do not walk in your shoes so I cannot say why you are feeling this way.

What I do know is that it is easier to feel anger than it is to feel pain. In our pain, we look for things to make us angry/irritated so we do not have to deal with what we are really feeling or have a fear about.

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