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You have been through a very tramatic experience, you lost someone you loved very much and have known a long time. There is no right or wrong way to mourn. You do it the best you can to live through it.

Why you are feeling the way you are toward your current boyfriend is more than likely just a reaction to what you have gone through. I believe it will pass when you begin to heal, however if you can't deal with it now...why not ask for a short time away to get your head together? It's only been a month......does your BF know the pain you are going through? Is he aware of what this man meant to you? If he isn't then maybe that is why you feel this you feel you aren't getting sympathy for your loss?

It takes close to a year to begin to truly heal from a major loss like this.....a month isn't near enough time for you to be thinking rationally. Do you have someone close to you whom you can talk with, who might have known what this death meant to you? If not, please find someone, talking helps to heal.

I am sorry that you are hurting, and sorry that you lost somone you love. Please seek the help you need to begin to heal.


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