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It's true what everyone else has already said. Unless you want to be labeled as a homewrecker or an adulteress, you really need to cut this guy off. Nothing good will ever come of you continuing this. And as has already been mentioned, the "lousy marriage" excuse is the oldest one in the history of the universe, and it's what men have been saying forever when they want to take a mistress in addition to their wife. And although he will tell you repeatedly that he is unhappy in his marriage and yadda yadda, he will never leave her, so if you were to get involved with him, then you will always, always be second to her forever. That's no way to live and that's no way to have a relationship.

Listen, I have a friend whose husband cheated with another woman, they are divorced now. However, in seeing what it did to her, I can say without any conviction that women who knowingly pursue a married man really honestly have no morals and should not be allowed to break up marriages like this. It should be a criminal offense. Seeing what it has done to my friend and to their 10 year old daughter, it just makes me sick that any logical woman in her right mind would even contemplate getting together with a married man. There are plenty of single guys out there, you don't have to pursue one that is already taken. And if you want to preserve your own reputation, I highly suggest you leave this guy alone until and unless he becomes divorced (and you need to physically see the papers before you believe him because he sounds like a liar).

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