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Probably is trying to show you what you are "missing"!! Sometimes guys, and girls for that matter, have low self-esteem. One of the ways to try to make himself feel good is to call you and let you know all the great things that have been happening. Did you leave him? Maybe he's trying to be like, wow, look at what you could had! And they have fun dangling their business in your face. He needs someone to care!! It's sad really!

I had two ex's like that. One was my ex-husband. I left him against his will but i had to as he was abusive. He was really ignorant and thought he was the best catch on Earth. Truth is, he had such low self-esteem he really thought nothing of himself. It's like he had to seek my approval for all matters in his life. "Well, I met this girl. I think she's even prettier than you!" Give me a break! Or, "Oh guess what. We're having a baby now. You still didn't have another one did you? Well, maybe when your in as much love as we are, it will happen." Does he hear himself? No. It's just a dumb pride issue.

Just stop listening and don't answer his calls or answer his email. I had to cut ties with my ex because he actually thought that we might have a chance to get back together since I was talking to him. Once I told him that it's never happening, he stopped talking to me and went on a war path. Ego. So stop... you are leading him on in his own stupid way. Do you care? If not, don't listen! I'm sure YOUR husband doesn't like it much either!! ;)

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