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[QUOTE=VeryChic;3628148]She was very friendly when she met me.. infact I am jealous of how bubbley and friendly she is with everyone..I tend to be a bit shy when i meet people.
She didnt say anything.. and i didnt notice that my boyfriend interacts any different while talking to her compared to other girls.. but he kept mentioning "just wait till you meet her".. "shes so fun"...and it drove me MAD! [/QUOTE]

My husband has made comments like that about his "best friend" before I met her. It's really nothing to be insecure about. Just because "she's so fun" doesn't mean she is more fun than you. Does that make sense?

I think you are just more envious of her go getter personality than you are jealous of her. I too can be a little shy when I first meet people. I try to work on it, but it's just me. Could it be that is the bigger issue here?

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