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we found out its a girl and boyfriend is angry he already has a girl wanted a boy..hasnt called me in two in hysterics what do i do? Im heartbroken ive been crying non stop I feel all alone
He seriously has'nt called you in two days!!!!! WOW! Well, maybe he just needs some time to think. Girls are GREAT! It's not like it is your fault for having a girl...once he sees her, or feels her kicking maybe his mind will change. I am sorry. Sometimes men disgust me.

Do you have other support around you? I know it may not seem like much, because after all, heis your boyfriend...but surround yourself with people that support you. I know that always helps me.

Hope you feel better soon.
Oh that is really mean of him! Can you talk to his mum and tell her how bad you are feeling because of him not contacting you? I mean, I know he already has one girl with another woman, but the sperm came from him and that was the deciding factor... Plus your daughter is going to be a granddaughter to his mum, so maybe she can help get some enthusiasm.

I am sure he will come round and stop being silly soon, but I am sorry it hurts so much in the mean time. I would imagine he was so sure that it was a boy (from what you previously said) that he just feels really shocked about it all.

Keep us posted how you are, and remember we are all here if you need to vent.

H x
The male sperm determines the sex, so he should be mad at himself. He is going to really mad at himself if he continues to act this way. If you have someone else to lean on, you should. He will come back when he is ready, and you need to concentrate on your baby girl. So, relax and think of how wonderful your little girl is going to be. She is the most important person right now, not your bf.
Try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy with your little girl (congrats by the way...I'm having a girl too). Your bf will come can just be so hard headed and stubborn sometimes, he probably just had his mind made up that it was a boy and now he is having a hard time convincing himself he was wrong and there is nothing he can do to change it! It sounds like you guys are young and otherwise have a great relationship so maybe (I'm not sure of your plans) you can reassure him that this baby girl is going to be a wonderful part of the two of you and you can always try for a little brother later. Best wishes....keep your chin up, everything will work out the way it is supposed to.;)
One other thing I just couldn't resist sharing - girls are the best, lol. I am so looking forward to meeting my DD in a few weeks, and you should look forward to meeting your little girl too.
he should thinks himself lucky he can have children naturally i had to wait 8 years befroe getting pregnant and that was fertility treatment as far as i am concerned and dh as long as its healthy i really dont care wht sex it is tell him to grow up you dont need this. pregnancy can be stressful but also fullfiling and lovely its a great thing for you both to share i wouldnt call him wait till he calls you and if i was you i would demand an apology sorry for the rant good luck chick youll be fine matey
You are so lucky to be having a girl! I already have a boy and it is great, but now due w/ my second boy and we were really hoping for a girl this time! I do not want to have any other children now, so two boys it is. It will be good for my first son to have a little brother to play with.

My Mother-in-Law really wanted at least one Granddaughter, so she was disappointed w/ another boy- so she has not been very excited or bought too much for him. This has made me and my Husband sad- just because it is another boy, he does not get any thing extra? That is not right!

So I can understand how you are feeling. You have no control over the sex of the baby! He has no right to be mad. Tell him to get over it. All babies are unique, no matter if it is a girl or boy. One is not better than the other, just different!!
thats really messed up how some people are treating you guys. you would think they would feel bad for treating a little baby that way. a baby cant help if its a boy or a girl. people have some serious issues. i say forget them. theres nothing lower then someone who doesnt treat a baby right.
Very childish behavior on his part. Congrats on the baby girl.
I understand how your are feeling.. the only thing different is I wish my Dh wouldn't talk to me. He wanted a boy we have one son already but he wanted another. I wanted a girl but didn't really care one way or the other just as long as it was healthy. The day we found out it was a girl he had the nerve to tell me that maybe we could trade it for a boy (picking or not it hurt) Then the dr asked about birth control later and I told him I was unsure on what I would be using but I would be using something and would make up my mind by the time the baby is here. My hubby said birth control why do you need that I want to have a boy and you have no reason to take anything. Oh but he is so wrong the way he has acting this pregnancy we want be having another.
Your BF is wrong with the way he is acting too.Try an enjoy your DD she is all that matters to you now let him be. Try and not think about him but if it is going to keep bothering you do like the other lady said go and talk to his mom maybe she will be able to help.
My DS is by and ex and he decided at 23 weeks he wanted out it was hard but it was alot better for me without all the stress he was bringing. Like everyone else said be around the people that support you it really helps if I wouldn't of had my family with DS I would of went crazy but they made it so enjoyable.
First off honey, this just shows how immature he is being. One thing you need to inform him that HE is the one that determines the sex of the baby w/ boy or girl sperm, so it is HIS fault. Tell him to look it up. Besides that, I hope you are overjoyed at having a girl. W/ my daughter we were hoping for a boy, (always wanted boy first, girl second), but when I had a girl, I can't imagine not having her. I think every woman needs a daughter. She is a little mini-me! Good luck and let us know what happens. If he is going to be this immature about having a baby, it is good that you are finding out now, so you can prepare yourself for the future.
Most men wants to have a Boy. It's a man's world and they want to have a junior. It is normal to be disappointed but he should just kept it to himself. Acting out is very childish. This is your first baby so you should be happy whatever the sex is. Im having a boy now and if I will be blessed with another child, I would wish for a girl. But if it turned to be another boy, I will be as happy just the same :)
I know a friend who had same experience like yours long time ago. The sex of their baby was the deciding factor wether he would marry her or not. She was so depressed and angry during her pregnancy. She did have a boy but did not marry her boyfriend. She even had her last name be the last name of her baby boy that made him so mad.
I hope your boyfriend will come out of his senses and talk to you again. No need to over react. Let him pamper you while you are pregnant. Go maternity shopping together and let him give you a foot massage ;). After all, that's all what they can really offer while you are having sleepless nights and backpains carrying your child together. Goodluck!
I desperately wanted a daughter until I found out I was having a boy. Then I couldn't care less about having a girl, I was having a wonderful, amazing, beautiful boy! I can't believe he is taking this out on you, but maybe he's staying away because he needs to settle down before he talks to you. He needs to be there for you and maybe after a few days of reflection he will calm down & be supportive. Good luck.
[QUOTE=fruitloop1024;3630836]The male sperm determines the sex, so he should be mad at himself.[/QUOTE]

Indeed! Tell him to put THAT in his pipe and smoke it! Besides, everyone knows that girls rule and boys are just lame anyway. Kinda like your bf, he is very, very lame for getting mad at you for something that is ultimately his fault, since it was his sperm that caused the X chromosome. Everyone who has a knowledge of basic biology knows that women only carry the X chromosome while men's sperm carry X or Y. Two X's means a girl and and X with a Y equals a boy. Girls are so much more fun to buy stuff, like pretty dresses and little shoes and stuff. It's just more fun to have a girl.
Wow, your boyfriends sounds like a selfish, self centered jerk and I would seroiusly be re thinking if youw ant to be with someone who acts this way. Disappointed is fine, behaving like a spoiled child and treating you badly is not. My husband ever acted this way, he would be gone...
I remember how mad my exhusband was that I was having a girl. He bought boys clothes and wanted her to wear them anyways. He was mean and nasty and blamed me even though all I have to contribute is my "X" chromosome. Thinking back, it was one of the many reasons I NEVER should have married that jerk in the first place.

He's not talking to you over ridiculous reasons and that should be a HUGE red flag. If he doesn't come along with a bouquet of roses and an appology soon (like yesterday) I would forget about him. Yes, I know you are pregnant and you love him and all that, but seriously, is THIS the type of man you want to be with? One that would deny YOUR CHILD???? Think about it. This whole fiasco may just be a blessing in disguise.
HOney, how old is this "mature" person? Sounds so childish...
Does he really wants to have kids?

Meanwhile you relax and don't call him either; it's very offending to me. You can't drive yourself crazy because of him, you have to think about your baby and her well being.

Very best to you...
How dare he! Who does he think he is? He is the one that made the baby.....we (woman) only have one it is he who made the sex of the baby they give the X or the Y and that determines the sex of the baby. May the baby be perfect and healthy that is what he should be worried about...jerk.

I would send him walking!

You are so lucky to be having a daughter...the hell with him..he is a jerk.

I wouldnt be around when he DOES try to contact you, let him stew for a while. He is cruel to put you through this when you are pregnant carrying HIS baby.

Selfish, ignorant, do you want this man to be a Father to your beautiful lil girl? I wouldnt depend on him[COLOR="red"]{removed}[/COLOR]
Whatever happened to really getting to know someone before you make big life decisions with them, like getting married or getting pregnant?

I'm sorry you've found yourself in this situation and the last thing you probably want to deal with is the end of your relationship (if it comes to that) while you're pregnant with his baby. But, if your boyfriend hasn't spoken to you in two days because you're having a girl I don't think it says anything good about his level of maturity and commitment to the relationship. You should probably force him to speak to you and point out that if you two have a future together you've got be on the same page.

And I disagree with other posters as far as pointing out that it's really "his fault" because sperm determines the sex of the fetus. I don't think continuing to bring "fault" into the conversation does anything to help.
Your boyfriend doesn't sound very mature. So long as the child is born healthy who cares what sex it is. This type of attitude really upsets me and i think these types of people are selfish in the extreme!! i wasn't able to have children and never will have children. I would gladly have had whatever sex was born as every child is a gift.

If he is this lacking in maturity over an unborn child, what will he be like about other things?

As this is his second child, he needs to realise that there is more to sex than just a bit of fun. What is he going to do? Keep trying till a boy is born? I think he needs to grow up and realise what a partner is, what a child is, what a family is and what his responsibilities are.

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