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You are so lucky to be having a girl! I already have a boy and it is great, but now due w/ my second boy and we were really hoping for a girl this time! I do not want to have any other children now, so two boys it is. It will be good for my first son to have a little brother to play with.

My Mother-in-Law really wanted at least one Granddaughter, so she was disappointed w/ another boy- so she has not been very excited or bought too much for him. This has made me and my Husband sad- just because it is another boy, he does not get any thing extra? That is not right!

So I can understand how you are feeling. You have no control over the sex of the baby! He has no right to be mad. Tell him to get over it. All babies are unique, no matter if it is a girl or boy. One is not better than the other, just different!!
I understand how your are feeling.. the only thing different is I wish my Dh wouldn't talk to me. He wanted a boy we have one son already but he wanted another. I wanted a girl but didn't really care one way or the other just as long as it was healthy. The day we found out it was a girl he had the nerve to tell me that maybe we could trade it for a boy (picking or not it hurt) Then the dr asked about birth control later and I told him I was unsure on what I would be using but I would be using something and would make up my mind by the time the baby is here. My hubby said birth control why do you need that I want to have a boy and you have no reason to take anything. Oh but he is so wrong the way he has acting this pregnancy we want be having another.
Your BF is wrong with the way he is acting too.Try an enjoy your DD she is all that matters to you now let him be. Try and not think about him but if it is going to keep bothering you do like the other lady said go and talk to his mom maybe she will be able to help.
My DS is by and ex and he decided at 23 weeks he wanted out it was hard but it was alot better for me without all the stress he was bringing. Like everyone else said be around the people that support you it really helps if I wouldn't of had my family with DS I would of went crazy but they made it so enjoyable.
First off honey, this just shows how immature he is being. One thing you need to inform him that HE is the one that determines the sex of the baby w/ boy or girl sperm, so it is HIS fault. Tell him to look it up. Besides that, I hope you are overjoyed at having a girl. W/ my daughter we were hoping for a boy, (always wanted boy first, girl second), but when I had a girl, I can't imagine not having her. I think every woman needs a daughter. She is a little mini-me! Good luck and let us know what happens. If he is going to be this immature about having a baby, it is good that you are finding out now, so you can prepare yourself for the future.

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