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Hey everyone I am having an awful day. Thought i'd just come here and vent my frustrations.. Just recently i had purchased a used 1993 honda civic off a private seller.. Just recently got it inspected and registered.. I live in the city keyword.. Today I wake up to find out my car is stolen.. I made a police report and called my insurance.. My insurance cant do anything for me because i dont have full coverage insurance.. My car is old, so i didnt get full coverage.. Now I am out 2000 dollars, for the car and all the repairs and music system i installed in my car.. I am really upset today... i just dont know what to do or think anymore.. the reason i put it under relationship caterogry is because technically this is where my bf lives (the city), but i only stay with him on the weekends.. Me and my bf had did a swap of cars. he gave me his 1994 toyota corolla for my 93 honda civic.. Still in my heart and eyes i still bought that civic. I feel like i lost out again.. People are very corrupt in life.. Why do they got to steal from good people.. what did i ever do to them? I dont know them.. If they have a drug problem or something why they didnt just ask me for some money or help.. my goodness. I am just so angry. if anybody has ever gone through this in there life.. please comment me.. also where i parked my car there was no glass broken.. I called the towing companys but they dont know anything about my car.. I am assuming maybe they had special keys made up or used a hanger and hotwired it.. I need some help.. thanks
thank you all so much.. me and my bf swapped cars yes.. he gave me his 1994 toyota corolla.. i gave him my 1993 honda civic.. the civic got stolen, but then later recovered by the police.. what damage was done afterwards is crazy.. you wont even believe how i seen my car after the thief stole it.. i mean the engine and tranny and alternator was there. everything else gone and my new expensive music system too. now i need to get a whole new ignision system and collom in my car, because the theif hot wired it.. plus he got into a mini accident( the thief).. My 1994 toyota corolla was not damaged.. WHY DOES BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE.. I GO TO CHURCH, I DONT SMOKE OR DRINK OR USE DRUGS.. I give to the homeless. why always bad things happen so many times in my life???:angel:

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