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I have watched married friends of mine make themselves sick worrying about whether or not their husbands are cheating on them or not. They live on a rollercoaster of doubting their husbands and then themselves. Of course the husbands always swear they are not cheating, but there are subtle signs that could possibly be an affair and possibly not, the point is that the suspecting and not knowing for sure is worse on a woman's health and happiness than if she did know for sure. His wife most likely is in this situation and has a right to know the truth in my opinion. You do not have to confront her yourself, from what I have experienced with friends they could care less who the woman is,unless it's their best friend or sister, they just want to know that what they suspect is true so they can have closure. You could let her know by recording you breaking up with him, then she will hear his voice in a conversation that would implicate himself, or if you have something that belongs to him that is very personal, mail it to her anonamously, stating that you had an affair with her husband, it is over and you are mailing it back to him, but it would have to be significant, like underwear. I had a friend 7 years ago that thought her husband was on a hunting trip until a woman mailed his underwear to her stating that he had spent the weekend with her, not hunting. I also have a friend right now who has been divorced for 5 months and is still driving herself crazy wondering if he really cheated or not, she left him because of her suspicions, but still keeps dwelling because she really doesn't have any proof still. Give the poor woman some peace, she's better off w/o the jerk.

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