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I really really love my boyfriend, like more than anything in the world, i think hes truly fantastic and we get on really well! Hes so amazing with me and i am amazed hes mine!! i got him! we usually have really good fun but sometimes when i go to his we just do nothing! it bores the hell outta me! we sometimes just sit with his parents and watch tv. or i watch him have the enjoyment of job applying which i dont understand why he asked me to come out when hes sitting busy all night and im doing nothing. i want to sort this out but how can i tell him! id rather be doing somethings more interesting... either watching a dvd with him or going for a nice walk all ight or just chatting or something. i also wish he wud clean his room... i swear ill do ti for him!
were so alike its fabulous and he can make me laugh so much! It really gets to me that we cant do much... he worrys soo much about money its unreal... unlike me i spend money everyday of my life (which he criticises me for) so we hardly ever go anywer nice! he does take me out sometimes and like to cinema... i mean he wont say no if i ask him to go to the cinema or for a meal .. but he never initiates an outing! (sounds like school trip - i know right) but yeah! he moans about petrol money because he doesnt have enuff money!! i know he doesnt! i know! but he says oh we cant go out as much as we do! and im like okay then. but i kinda feel he doesnt wanna see me when he says we cant go out as much! its nt like my friend n her bf he takes her out all the time! does my boyfriend really moan at his friends when they want a lift or are getting a life with him to the footy/?? nooo!!!! god it annoys me!! this may seem like a rant but yes its a bloody rant!!! omg!! hahaha i need to let my anger out in someway!!! also he plays footy lots! why are guys sooo obsessed!!!! hahahah aim a bad girlfriend!!!! i love him thought

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