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You said you wanted another male's opinion, so I thought I would respond but it's basically just to echo what's already being said. Your husband, sorry to say, sounds like a horrible person who treats you like dirt.

He's abusive both verbally - calling you a liar etc - and physically - slapping you. He's controlling - won't let you work outside 9-5, won't let you spend money, tells you where you can't and can't put things (receipts etc). He's a compulsive liar as you've proved many times yet still denies it or refuses to acknowledge it. He's delusional in trying to make everyone believe that his home life is perfect.

I could probably go on and on, but you get the picture. All he's doing is treating you badly until you start to resist or question him, then he lets up a bit and acts "nice" (or, lets face it, just "less nasty") so you think things are getting better, then the cycle just repeats over and over.

The funniest (sorry but it was) part of your story was [b]him[/b] having the nerve to suggest that [b]you[/b] are bipolar!! Seems like more of a self-diagnosis to me!

My best advice is to trust your family and friends to take care of you, pack up and just leave. I wouldn't even bother telling him, just move out one day when he's at work and let him figure it out for himself. Then get some legal advice to make sure you get what you deserve.

Good luck. :)

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