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He went to the bar tonight after work, and is still going tomorrow night as planned.

I'm feeling like he just doesn't want me anymore. What is going on with him? Is he putting alcohol and friends before me because he's "21" now? Is this just a phase?

But then tonight, the whole time he was in the bar he was texting me telling me things like, "You're the only person I will ever love." And he called me as soon as he left asking if he could come over.

It's like if I act like I don't care what he's doing, then he's all sweet and whatnot. But if I mention I have a problem with it, he gets really rude and acts as if I'm dumb for feeling a certain way, and it turns into a huge fight. He tells me he wants me to mention it when things bother me, but what is the point when he gets mad at me for doing so, and then does what he wants anyway??

I went through a really traumatic event in the past few weeks, and it seems like ever since then, he has been more rude to me than ever, and has not been there for me. Should you have to ask your boyfriend to be there for you when he KNOWS you're having a rough time? Maybe I expect too much out of him, but I kinda figured he'd want to be there for me.

He used to SHOW that he was deeply in love with me, want to spend tons of time together, talk every minute, etc. Now it seems like I don't mean as much to him. This may sound naive, or whatever, but I used to be the one in control. He did everything to make me happy. He was so so so sweet and I took that for granted, because I didn't think he'd ever become this way. I miss how things were :( He does nice things for me every once in awhile, and still makes it a point to let me know he loves me, but his overall attitude or something is just different.

He constantly has an attitude with me, and I tell him it's like he hates to have to talk to me. I feel like everything I do bugs him. What I'm constantly telling him is, "If you're so in love with ME, then why am I the ONLY ONE that you treat like crap." He would never in his life talk to strangers, his friends, his grandmother, etc, the way he talks to me. My friends have said he's probably taking me for granted since he KNOWS he has me.

Wow...when I write all this down, it's clear to me we have tons of issues. But I love him and want to make it work.

This is my first serious relationship. I think I'm really confused. I don't know what is going on. Maybe I don't realize when it's time to end a relationship, and I really am confused about what should be grounds for a breakup when you're incredibly in love with someone.

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