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Stop giving him the power to make the decisions about a relationship he doesn't even want.

You're holding on to nothing, there is no solid foundation to grow on. He doesn't even want this relationship to be solid.

The only way you can let go of this relationship is to cut off all contact with him.. cell phone, email, whatever- stop being there at his beck and call.. turn off your phone, change your number..the only reason he keeps coming back is because you're an ego boost for him and he knows you'll always be there waiting by the phone..

Relationships shouldn't have to be worked on so hard to keep it lasting. True love doesn't involve break up after break up.. And I know you love him, but he doesn't feel the same for you, and i'm sure you're a wonderful person and you need to know this because there are men out there who won't keep you holding on to nothing.. you will find a man when the time is right who is good for you, and brings out the best in you.. you deserve that, ya know? I'm not trying to be mean or hurt your feelings, but when I was in your position before I kinda needed a slap in the face to get out of that relationship and it worked for me..

And if he really, really loved you he would have your best interest at heart and let you go... :angel:

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