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[QUOTE=jamie1981;3644290]hi all - i've been going through a really tough time. i broke up with my boyfriend of three years seven weeks ago tomorrow. i can't seem to feel any better. i've done it all - spend time with friends, read new books, new hobbies, pampered myself. i just can't seem to shake him.

long story short, i dumped him but we are very much still in love with each other. however, he had no respect for me or our relationship. he didn't treat me well and he did something to me that was unforgiveable (I dont want to get into that but trust me, the breakup was justified...even he admitted that he screwed up royally). even through all of this, i want to go running back to him but even when i was in the relationship i knew it was wrong, so why do i want him back?! i have never felt this much pain in my life. i am so lonely and the anxiety is killing me. i thought this was supposed to get BETTER over time!

there are days where i am ready to get up and start fresh - i feel so good. but inevitably i end up feeling like i did when i woke up this morning, lonely, depressed, abandoned, hopeless and panicked. i can't stop crying.

i just dont know what to do - i feel so hopeless. :(

any advice would be great.[/QUOTE]

HI Jamie1981,

I am going through a breakup as well. If you read my thread "a heartache story" you will know a little more about it. The guy who posted on my thread made a lot of sense(i forgot his name)....take a look...

Anyways I feel the same as you. Some days are great! I get up got play tennis, jog with my sis, go to to the book store, talk with my dad, etc and i think 'if all the days could be like this'. Then there are others days....when i don't want to get out of bed, i don't leave the house. and stressed b/c i ate unhealthy foods and didn't workout. To make it all worst all of my friends are either married or in a long term relationship..they want to hang out but as couples...i love all my friends but i am not in the right state of mind to hang out with couples; the last thing i want to be is the third wheel...

My advice would be you are not the only one going through rough times. EVERYONE has told me it will get day the good days will out weigh the bad. We must become stronger and stronger as we go so when we find the right one we will know it! Hope my words help.


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