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Very Awkward...
Jul 14, 2008
Let me just start off with some basics. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 yrs. We are planning on getting married some time in the near future. I get along with his mom, dad and brothers and sisters very well. I really like his mom, more than his dad. I get the sense from her that she really cares about me and I feel very comfortable around her. Maybe I don't feel the same way towards his dad because he is quieter and I didn't grow up with a father.

Last weekend we went to his aunt's house. All of his family members were there, cousins, aunts, ect...It was a very big deal to me because I don't really like being around a lot of people, not even when they are my OWN family members. I only see them (his other family members) during holidays. I especially don't like being around people that I haven't seen for a while and they are all in the same house. It makes me feel awkward, like an outcast, and really nervous. They are a really close family.

Although I have seen these people for the last 5 years every holiday they make me feel like if I am still his new girlfriend. We have had so many vacations together, and I felt like if that would make me feel more closer to them but it never seems to work. I always try to be really nice and say hi to everyone but deep down inside I feel like if they don't really like me. They all run and hug my boyfriend although he wasn't saying hi, and I was. Also during these social gatherings his mom treats me different. This makes me believe that his family doesn't really like me. She gives me these weird looks and ignores me, its as if she has 2 different personalities and wants to make it seem as if she doesn't like me to the rest of her family.

This really bothers me because I have never had a close family and I have always wanted one. His mom reminds me of an aunt that my mom would send me away to during the summer when I was young. My aunt was really really nice to me, but as soon as her sister showed up she would talk down to me and act as if I was annoying to have around.

Another thing that bothers me is that as soon as we walk in my boyfriend leaves me alone. It's as if they have all made a pact to ignore me whenever I'm around. He goes with his cousins who are all guys the same age as him. All of his other cousins are [B]really[/B] young little girls, so I feel so left out, and I feel like a loser. Well when I saw all of his cousins I said hi, I tried to be friendly, they looked at me, and turned around and watched tv. I really felt like if I was going to cry. I felt so alone although I was in a crowded room.

It was such an awkward situation, I was so embarrassed and I can't stop thinking about it. I don't know what to do to change these situations from happening. I mean they have asked me before when is our wedding date, so why would they hate me but then want us to get married? I know his mom does too because she is always talking about us marrying. It just makes me wonder why they act like this. I am a really nice person, and I'm polite.

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