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yeah, meeting people after college is always hard. i would advise against belly dancing unless you're really interested in learning that. you may meet girlfriends to have your "girls night out" with. btw, girls night out are horrible for meeting guys. we can easily identify when girls are having their night out and typically we don't take them seriously. i learned the hard way not to approach a group of girls when they're out.

if you're choosing a dancing class for social reasons as well as dancing, go with tango/ballroom/latin dancing. much more guys there. i'm addicted to salsa now. it's where i met the last girl i was seeing and right now i'd rather not date a non-dancer. the next time i'm in the mood for dating, i'll definitely still want a salsera.

in my salsa scene, there are more men than women. salsa is very technical and it takes effort and genuine interest to stick around and get good. all the guys that are only there to "hook up" usually get weeded out pretty quickly anyway. all the single salseros i know are good guys that are probably interested in relationships as opposed to hooking up. haven't met too many creeps in the dancing scene.

the best way to meet people are just in activities. as a male i still think its harder for us. men are everywhere!! in my life all i meet are men. my profession is male dominated. including salsa, my activities are male dominated. i often wonder what women do with their time, or even if single women exist anymore.

i generally don't approach women in public places like grocery stores/bookstores/etc. unless its really obvious she's interested by making extended eye contact, etc. most are just unapproachable there. i'm probably not the only guy that feels this way either so be mindful of this.

women are the ones that usually get approached so its always been my impression that all they have to do is put themselves in the right places and meeting men will be inevitable. i'm not talking about bars/clubs either. you can go to gyms, sports and social clubs, etc. guys are everywhere. just be approachable and look interested.

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