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[QUOTE=Lance0204;3653374]its funny, we all say the same things about the other gender, :D. i think that most women want big, muscular, tall, broad shoulders, etc. what's the small/short guy to do?

i recently stopped seeing someone because she couldn't get past my body type. she thought i was one of the best guys she ever met other wise. how's that supposed to make me feel???:rolleyes: so i'm really "small boned but too muscular and lean" according to her so i wasn't good to cuddle with. i'm happy with what i am but this bothers me in that what i am and what i want to be is apparently not attractive to women.

hmm...i sound hot to me, ;) canada's lovely this time of year (hint..), :D

seriously..i'm in a similar situation in that i'm attracted to other races but the reality is that most people are attracted to their likeness.

i'll give you a bit more insight again from a guy's perspective. you have to be really obvious when you see someone you're interested. as a women you have the luxury of not having to do the asking out. just send clear enough signals when you're interested and the guy should pick up on it. so far i've been in the dancing scene for 1 yr and i've dated/courted/(whatever term you want) about 3 women. in each case, they clearly showed their interest. there are soooo many hot/attractive/smart/good women in the scene. the one i pursue is based on my interaction with them. its not feasible to blindly ask out a random woman (this method has NEVER EVER EVER worked for me as it is here you tend to get the flaky behaviour). i have to be getting some strong positive signals from them. to me, the women do the choosing/signaling and the men do the asking/chasing.[/QUOTE]

I don't think that there is one body type that is good for cuddling. I mean if we love someone it shouldn't matter if they are lean or full figured. It is probably for the best that you two are not dating anymore.

You know beneath our skin we all have souls (in my opinion) and we all want the same be loved. Even the worst or the worst want to be loved. That is man kinds common denominator.

Thanks for the insight again! As mentioned before, I LOVE picking a man's brain!! so are you tall or short? i wasn't sure by your msg...

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