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I cant really explain their financial problems completely because I donít really know everything just what my boyfriend has explained to me when I asked why they were so broke my boyfriends father does get social security but apparently it isnít much my boyfriend told me that his father had refinanced his house several times and either invested the money in poor business decisions or gambled it away on horses he also retired early due to a stroke which he recovered from but like I said his fathers health has been going down hill the last couple of years and apparently he has a lot of medical bills Iím sure he does pay for some things but from what I got they were struggling even with his check, When we first started dating a year into it I was itching to get our own place when Iíd talk about it to my boyfriend he basically said straight out that without him there to help finically his parents would not be able to make it and they would loose the house I sucked it up and hoped that someday things would change somehow but now we donít have a choice in the matter with her kicking me out its either live apart or he leaves. And my boyfriends step-mother is Japanese but he is not but I wouldnít doubt it if she wanted him to settle with a nice Japanese girl.

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