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Me and my boyfriend have been together since December. Everything is great. We both get along so well, never quarrel, have the same goals in life and many common quirks, and we both hang out with each others family. I will stay the weekends at his place or he will stay over at my place. We talk on the phone 2-3 times a day. He is a really fun guy and we both make each other laugh. He is sensitive and caring and seems to be concerned about how I really feel. We have great conversations and are like two peas in a pod. This seems like a dream come true right??
Well as of this morning all of this seems distant…I feel dizzy and confused and am doubting all of what I previously thought was an awesome thing we had going on….:(:confused::(

So I know I should not be doing it, but I have been hacking into my bf email account for the past few weeks (out of curiosity I guess). He has his passwords the same for everything btw…
I saw that he got a free offer for an online dating site for a free trial offer. It looks like he signed up because he is getting responses!! I just dont understand why he would do this?!?!
How can he possibly not be happy? Don’t you think he would say something to me if he was? I don’t know what to do or say to him!
I obviously cant tell him “honey, I checked your email this morning, why did you sign up for a singles dating site??”
I feel like crying Im that upset!
I guess I am nervous about this because this is how we met (a local online dating site). Earlier in our relationship we both canceled our memberships and he canceled the other memberships he had on other dating sites. So now Im wondering: Is he already over me and is trying to move on without telling me yet? How can he even do this? Is he looking for someone to replace me but wants to make sure he has something lined up before he ‘dumps’ me?? I cant even fathom what possessed him to do this!! Even in front of his parents he tells them how wonderful of a person I am and goes on and on!
He tells me how happy I make him, how no one has ever made him feel the way that I do. He even brought up the idea of moving in with me a few weeks ago! And talks about going places in the future (his friends wedding in Oct, concert in Nov and family out of state Dec for xmas). So I am just blasted out of the water.
I feel like the breath has been taken out of me!!
I don’t know what to do. I totally love this man (he knows it) and I don’t want to lose him!!

He bought vip tickets this Friday for a all day concert and will be spending the weekend together…how am I supposed to even look him in the eye and enjoy his company while I know he is off trying to explore other options?!?!?!

I guess this is what I get for snooping =’(:nono:

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