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happymom, no I don't have legal custody. We are just making things legal now. I should have done this long ago when he barley ever saw our son... before the new girl came along. No, he doesn't pay child support... he can't afford to... I make more money then he does. We were together at the time of birth so he is on the birth certificate.

Also, I unfortunately don't have records of me trying to get him to take him more. I did, my computer crashed and I lost everything. I do however have records of basically everything else.

I go to the courthouse today, legal aid requested an extension so I could see a lawyer. I really hope karma prevails in this whole situation..

OHHHH haaahahahaha by the way! Too funny... The notice to appear in court paper I received the other day included a copy of the application he filled out. He got our sons birthdate wrong... TWICE! andddd, he didn't know how to spell his middle name??!! That certainly won't look good on his behalf. He got my birthdate wrong also, but thats not as important. Another thing, his replies to questions were completely illiterate... haha Half sentences, everything spelled grossly wrong, using "2" instead of "to"... haha.. OH dear.. I hope being a 30 year old idiot works to my advantage.

Mileena, yes things are pretty similar here in Canada. While the ex and I were together and even after we broke up he NEVER had a day off... he was lucky to see our son once a week. Then all of a sudden when he met this new lady he had 3-4 days off a week ?? It's too much now.. It's been a couple months now that he's been taking him sun-weds morning, I'm still not used to it. I didn't even agree to those days, he just took them. But anyway, back when it was hard to get him to take our son.. I wanted him to take him for a few reasons.. One, it's his father.. Two, I need a little break now and then.. Three, I was going to school and needed his help (our son was too young for daycare).

Things have changed quite a bit since then.. He's proven himself to be very immature and a very bad person. Things I would rather him not pass along to my son.. I used to think he was a good dad.. when he had our son.. but now.. claiming its best for our son to stay where he is... just so that he can stay here with his gf... He must think people are quite dumb if he thinks everyone doesn't see why he wants to stay all of a sudden. It's for his own selfish reasons and NOT whats best for our son.

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