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He's having that old "I got married too young and didn't get to have any fun!" crisis. That bugs the heck out of me because no one forced these guys to marry young, yet they want to blame their wives because they didn't get to "party" when they were young and now they want to make up for it because it "isn't fair" that they missed out. Well, boo hoo! He chose to be a man with a family and he needs to conduct himself like one!

He needs to grow up, act like a husband with a wife and children and stop playing flirty games with girls at work because he's in for it if this behavior continues. Then if you divorce he'll blame you for "bleeding him dry" with child support for the kids he helped make. (another pet peeve, can you tell?)

I most certainly would cancel the text message service on his phone and tell him that if his flirty friends want to get ahold of him they can call the family home and you can speak to them.

Oh, and by the way, don't blame these girls 100% for their behavior ("I know how women are"). While it is certainly wrong for a female to pursue a married man, they wouldn't continue if he'd put his foot down and explained that he's a married man and he is not interested. He is at least 50% to blame, don't let him off the hook for his part in all this.

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