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I had this vision of my perfect life... marrying my boyfriend, having children, and spending holidays with my parents... but then I started this overseas vacation and my parents called me...

They were arguing over the telephone and I couldn't understand any of it... except the word "divorce." I was so shocked I boarded the wrong train and somehow ended up two countries off course...

I had a chance to speak with each of them individually.

Mom says dad is having an affair and that he and my brother are trying to get her money. (My grandfather recently passed away and left her a large estate.)

Dad says mom has been depressed over grandpa's death, drinks every night, and on one bizarre occasion she followed him to his Sunday night bowling league and confronted a woman on his team about the affair...

My parents both retired before the summer and started a major remodeling of their home. Could they be stressed from this?

My dad sounds like a broken man over the phone. Lifeless - not the big guy I always looked up to.

My mom has had no contact with me, save for a formal email about how she's been monitoring my personal finances and signed it with her full name... am I not supposed to call her "mom" anymore?

They are going to weekly counseling sessions trying to work things out... or so they say.

I am clueless... my brother lives near home and says mom refuses to take his calls or return his messages. What should I do? I've been sitting here, to depressed to act, in a French youth hostel for 14 days... I'm basically a homeless streetkid without a home to go home to.

What do I do???

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