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As Dr. Phil always says, the best indicator of future behavior is relevant past behavior. This guy has a pattern and a history of leaving you. Granted, he's very young, but men rarely change that much. Who they are at 18 is usually who they are the day they die. What tangible, real indication do you have that he's any more comfortable with a long distance relationship now than he was last year? We have no way of being able to guess what's going on in his head. the best way is to just talk to him. Ask him "what's going to happen with us when I go back to school? Are you ok with a long distance relationship?" Don't assume anything. That's the biggest mistake women make in relationships. "Well, he SAID we were just friends but he treats me like his girlfriend so I assumed it was more" and he's thinking "I TOLD her we're just friends, so I'm not responsible for her feelings or for breaking her heart. I told her up front where my head was at." Make sure his words and his behaviors match. And don't be afraid to just ask him what he's thinking as far as what happens in the fall. You have a right to know.

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