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Me and my girlfriend just got out of a long conversation about how I don't show many emotions towards her. As well as me not being a very jealous person at all makes her feel like since I don't care what she says or does to me, I don't care about her. This of course is not true at all.

One example was a couple days ago when she was having a really crappy day. The whole time I was talking to her she was being really mean to me. Being the nice guy that I am I took into consideration the bad day she was having and didn't really call her out on it. I just let her be mean to me while I kept trying to be nice even though in reality I was getting upset. I told her the next day when she was much better that I really was upset. Today she told me it was a big relief to her that I was upset and didn't like her walking all over me.

Another example was earlier today which actually sparked the conversation. She mentioned how she wondered how big some guys penis was in a video I showed her. Even though she was joking I took it the wrong way and got upset. This time I told her about it which led to her wanting to talk about why I got upset for like an hour even though I was only upset for about 2 minutes before I realized she was joking.

A third example was yesterday when she wanted me to go up to work to see her. I couldn't make it because I'm having car problems. For whatever reason this put her in a bummed mood and she was pouting all day today. After I told her I couldn't make it yesterday she told me it was probably a good idea I didn't encase her ex-boyfriend comes by. I guess he's having some troubles at home and has been trying to talk to someone about it. I didn't think much of it, and since I trust her not to do anything to hurt me I wasn't jealous about it. This was another thing that I guess bothered her.

I realize I have a problem with showing my emotions. My father did and so does my brother. I know it will become a problem down the road, and I want to stop it now before it gets too bad. My problem with showing my emotions is that I feel like if I do people are just going to get upset with me rather than apologize for it. And with this girl in particular I'm sometimes afraid that if do let her know something upset me she'll just want to back out of the relationship, try to run away from it. I get this idea from when before we got serious. At that time we were more like really good friends, and it seemed every time we ran into some bump in the road she wanted to end it. She never seemed to want to try to work through or talk about anything. So now I'm scared that if I say something upset me she'll just go "maybe this means were not right for each other, maybe it would be better if we stop dating".

What do I do? How do I stop being afraid to show my emotions with her and let he know what I'm thinking and what upsets me?

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