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Tonight I went out to dinner with my crrent bf of 7 months. He was talking about his best friend, who also happens to be his ex gf he was dating back in 00-03...anyways he was saying how she was marrying a guy about 20+ her senior. Well I guess he was confiding in me about how she is fantisising about her boss and is worried because she fels like this is a form of cheating. So he brought it up and wanted to know what I thought about I told him.

Anyways I guess this girl is on her 3rd bf since they split and now she is engaed to this dude. My bf talks crap about how the age difference is ridiculous and that she is going to be a widow with young kids and how he just worries about her, ect. I tell him well if she is happy and ur her bff then you should be happy and then he says well she isnt happy if she is thinking about her boss and has sexual thoughts ect...

I made a comment on how she is a confusing person and seems to want to marry every bf she has (he tod me about this in the past) he agreed and in fact told me how she wanted him to marry her, but obvds that didnt happen...anyways he went on and on about how this guy she is marrying is old and blah blah blah and then what he said next kinda upset me and I want to know if I am overeactin over it:

He continued ranting and then said "I know if I was to ask her to marry me she would say yes"

Now I was thinking wtf did that come from?!?!?
Now i didnt want to seen insecure but so I just said well what makes u so sure?
He said he just know that she would and well that they are friends and that she is the only ex gf he keeps in contact with and that they get along and her fam like him ect. I told him that doesnt mean anything and that people change and that I dont think that is true but he diagreed and repeated that retarded phrase again...

Then he moved on aand changed the subject but for some resason the rest of dinner my mind was focused on that phrase...

I was thinking why the f**k would he say that out loud...esp to his gf! and what makes him sooooo positive about that..anyways I tried hiding it and thought I would let it roll of my back, besides he is my bf now and she lives in a diff state and is engaed yadda yaada yada

But insted we got home and about 15 min later i couldnt take it any more and i told him that what he said was stupoid and is just not something u saiy out loud esp to your gf. I made him look at me when I said it and no i wasnt being mean about it ...we were both sitting down in chairs and i skooched mine next to him to tell him and then gave him a hug when he said he was sorry..but then said he didnt know why it was stupid he was just being honest and thought he could tell me anything...i just told him that it was a dumb comment but that I didnt think it was him being cocky or was just something blured out with out using the brain

anyways I am still wondering why on earth someone would fathom saying such a dumb thing! I hope that this eventually just goes away but I have a hint it wont =(
Wow--men can say some dumb things sometimes and I too would feel as you do. However I do think it is a good sign that he was so open with you. If he had feelings left for her and was really thinking about the idea that if he asked her to marry him she would say yes and it was something for you to worry about I don't think he would have shared that with you. I see it as a red flag but then I see it as nothing at the same time. If things are going well in your relationship and you two are happy then I would try to let it go, and it will in time. However if he keeps making strange comments then it maybe time to confront him about any feelings he maybe still holding for her. I am friends with 1 ex boyfriend and I want the best for him as well, but I no longer have those intimate love feelings for him. I talk about him sometimes in present relationships and it really means nothing. Just keep an eye out and if anything else seems shady then beware; otherwise I think how you handled telling him you were uncomfortable was great. Its all about communication.

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