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Hello All & Thank you for the advise, encouragement & support. I was w/him on/off for almost 4 yrs. He was only seperated when I met him, his divorce wasn't even final. Has 2 kids. Lots of drama w/the ex and her boyfriend from the get go. He had to move back in w/his parents and had his kids 50% of the time. Just ALOT to it. Anyway, I was very involved and vocal which never went over well. I have also come to find that I am rather more insecure than I ever realized and I do the fight or flight thing. It's as much my fault as his. I did take off for the wknd w/my family. My little nephews made it a wonderful time. GREAT KIDS! He actually called while I was away. I was polite but have not called back as of yet since I have no idea what to do. The night before I left, he did not know I was going he said to leave him alone. No contact at all, ever. Now 2 days later it's I'm sorry I was so negative?!

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