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wow..thank you guys so much for your advice =) i'm glad i can come here and vent a little

its pretty hard not to contact him or not to text him something...BUT at the same time, its not as hard as i thought it would because sometimes to get a response in a situation like this, its better to give them what they want and leave them texts, e-mails, restricted calls just to hear their voice or driving by their house...maybe some part of him thought i would do this..i can't make any mistakes by doing nothing

I am actually very glad i sent the texts i sent him right after the break up..because i know my feelings for him are genuine and i think i made that known by sending those texts directly after it happened and then just leaving him alone when he didn't change his mind and when we wrote he wasn't up for talking but we of the texts was the night he ended it..i wrote i love you very much with all my heart. it will be better with little things if we give it more time, we are both older now...and another one consisted of i wish i would have realized sooner that maybe you needed this trip and that it was really important to you. And another one was i wish we can figure out together about what would make you happier. it will be too hard to talk to you as a friend.

atleast i got these feelings out that he knows i love him, wants to work things out and want to know what we can do together to make him happier..that way, i don't have any regrets atleast with that..because he knows how i feel.

Mileena, thanks for sharing...maybe i am having false hope but there is some part of me that believes he may not have wanted to talk last month because he didn't want to give me closure or hear me upset... and him calling my friends boyfriend the night before his trip--he knew this would get back to me..and i guess it makes me associate this to my text message saying you will be going away which will be good for you and after it will be a lot better..

i kind of believe if you want it over and done with, why call the night before your trip..just leave the person alone....

Do you think its a little weird or off for me to be associating these things together?...

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